Win a Signed Copy of Tally: An Intuitive Life

I’m giving away two signed print copies of my book, Tally: An Intuitive Life, published by All Things That Matter Press. To enter, visit my Facebook Author Page and post your most creative request. It can be words only in the post, or a link to a photo, artwork, poem, etc. as long as it’s by you. Giveaway Contest, Tally: An Intuitive Life Contest ended midnight July 28, 2014.

July 29, 2014

Congratulations to the two winners! Here are their entries:

Ailsa Abraham
Dear Mary. I am Rev Mother Griselda Goldenpaws of St Ursula’s Orphanage for homeless teddy bears. As a bit of a scribbler myself, the orphans are used to having a story read to them and they love to look at the covers (which means most are a bit sticky with honey).
They have heard all my tales many times but as a charity we cannot afford to buy books and being in France, English books are hard to come by. Perhaps this request will find favour and you will send us one of your books – their tastes are very eclectic (Lulu Peru never has a book out of her paws having taught herself to read).

Ailsa Abraham Author's photo.
Please take a look at Ailsa Abraham’s books on Amazon. ~ MC
Salvatore Buttaci
I’d like to add your book to the top 25 I will take with me on a boat ride in the event I’m shipwrecked and marooned on an island ripe for leisure reading.
~ Please check out Sal Buttaci’s books on Amazon (also Barnes and Noble). ~ MC