DIY Printed Art


EPHEMERA was a type of printed art and writing produced by fine printers in the late 19th ad early 20th century. They could be postcard-sized, leaflets, and broadsides.

This is a modern example: “Sunset in Waves,” composed of a few stanzas from my epic poem, Children of Light. The document can be downloaded, and the font and color changed, printed on cardstock or colored paper, to be used as a card or note in person or online. Use an excerpt of the poem (with attribution) if you like.

You can find many examples of modern ephemera, ready to print, on Pinterest. Here’s my Printable Ephemera Board.

Create your own “interactive ephemera”

Create one-of-a-kind “ephemera.” Download documents with already provided poems or prose and artwork by published poets, writers and artists as a starting point, and then add your poems, notes, messages, favorite quotations, photographs or graphics. Email or post them online, or print and give to a friend or family member(s).  For hard copies, print and fold to make cards, etc. Read more about “Interactive ephemera” at: