Memories of Lost Worlds

Tools of the TRade The Paper So. Plainfield, NJ c. 1972

1970s Technology

I’ve been writing my memoirs using my old diaries. It’s an interesting form to write in. I’ve discovered connections I never saw back when I was living through these experiences. It helps give order and meaning to my life, beyond what I thought and hoped was in it. I’m writing about the Seventies and Eighties, lost worlds for a variety of reasons. We had primitive technology then, the IT future was just coming over the horizon by the mid-1980s. The sexual beliefs and behaviors are quite different from today. Racial discrimination was even more ingrained and unconscious than it is today. Although we haven’t made much progress, not nearly what many of us thought we had in the Nineties and early 21st Century, there was one major difference. Back then we were only dimly, dreamily, aware of our attitudes and behaviors and the need for change. 

Instead of publishing piecemeal these memoirs, I’ve decided to wait until they are in final draft and better shape, hopefully. 


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