The Diary of a Mad New Yorker

I’ve decided to share some stories of my life in New York City on this blog. 

Broadway 1974

Broadway 1974 Photograph by Mary Clark
Are love and rage the same passion?
They are the same in me
- William Blake

Why a diary of this place, at this time? Why my story?

Because the people of New York City are going through a tragic time. While I don’t live there now, I have friends who do. One of them told me the city is a “very sad place.” I want people to remember what a vibrant and inspiring place it was. And will be again. I know New York will come back, and its people will create an even more luminous city.

So, at the age of 71 and in the time of COVID-19, I want to tell my story of how I became a mad New Yorker.

5 thoughts on “The Diary of a Mad New Yorker

  1. I saw Frank Sinatra at Radio City Music Hall when he was “aging.” Seeing and hearing him in person I understood why he had been so popular. His voice had a range in each note that was incredible. He had a great stage presence and was charming even when he forgot the words.

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    • Kim, New York was a pretty wild place in the 1970s and 80s. It’s much tamer now. I’m part country too. I loved Central Park and the areas by the Hudson River which now have an esplanade and fancy piers. Hawks migrate down the Hudson. The beaches at Rockaway are beautiful, and Coney Island and Brighton Beach were among my favorites.


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