Adriatic Poems

Recently I’ve been making videos to go with my father’s writings about his trip to what was then called Yugoslavia in October 1980. This was an interesting time in the history of that area. Tito died in 1980 and the region fell into war. While my father was there, however, all was peaceful. Tourists came to the seaside and many made the boat trip across the sea to Venice, Italy.  This is one of his audiotapes combined with his photos of that trip. My father died in January 2009.

Blue Bowl, by Forrest Clark

2 thoughts on “Adriatic Poems

  1. Mary, what a beautiful video and words by your father. It must be both difficult and heartening for you to hear his voice, what a gentle thoughtful expression! I’m taken with all he absorbs around him,the blue tranquility all consuming!

    It’s strange when so much time has passed that one has to explain about Tito etc. Recently I found myself trying to tell my son about the Balkan War in the ‘90s and the horrors committed there … all in Europe and not long ago at all.


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