Mystery Mondays: Mary Clark on Exploring Family Dynamics

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This week on Mystery Mondays, author Mary Clark is here to talk about her laster novel, Racing The Sun.

Over to Mary…

Exploring Family Dynamics

by Mary Clark

My latest book, Racing The Sun, is interwoven with surprises, some gently delivered, others more brutal. In several cases, accidents change lives. They also bring together people who wouldn’t have otherwise met. The main character, Leila Payson, a Miami high school teacher, finds that occupation not precarious enough; she moves through the world stirring things up, but not with careless force, but instead at a thoughtful pace. But the world has its surprises for her, too. And these come from close to home.

Her father has been looking into his family history at the suggestion of a life coach (who may be more than that). He shows Leila his DNA results and urges her to sign up on the same genealogy site…

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4 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays: Mary Clark on Exploring Family Dynamics

  1. I just finished Miami Morning, Mary Clark. I had read Children of Light earlier. What I appreciated about Miami Morning is its in-depth discussion of disability and education and, really, what it means to be an educator in a modern world that is global and local all at once. The milieu of the novel with its rainbow of characters is also part of the substance and helps to lead to reflections about just where humans are in their journey through time.

    As a long-time educator, primarily working in American Indian education and the tribal colleges and universities movement, some of the same questions confronting Leila have played a role in my life. In so many Indian nations education has been a failure at dealing with issues of disability and how to engage students with different educational strategies. The usual education gobbledegook is seldom helpful. Fancy sounding theories are not always something that works out in the classroom. I found the treatment of these issues in a novel within the frame of a love story not only interesting, but refreshing.

    In the end I found the book to have a gentleness that appealed to my better nature. Thanks for steering me toward reading it.


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