Where Has Conversation Gone?

Something to talk about, and we should – I wish it could be more person to person rather than soc media


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img_0865 Millennials keep earphones on all day long. They rarely detach.

Where Has Conversation Gone?

There was a time, not long ago, when people spoke with one another.  Conversation was a wonderful way to know who your neighbors were, what’s the newest news on the block, it was comforting.  Yes, conversation was a bit nosy and intrusive, however it seems to have kept us safer…more connected.  Conversation began in childhood, we spoke to our friends on the playground.  We organized who would turn or jump for double-dutch.  We looked at one another as we spoke, to learn what the twitches and expressions our friend’s face meant. We put the verbiage together with facial changes to sense a deeper meaning.  We stared unblinkingly at our partner’s eyes to assure that our chants and hands were synchronized during “Miss Mary Mack”.  Adults encouraged conversation as…

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6 thoughts on “Where Has Conversation Gone?

  1. I’m with you, Mary. I ordered my phone to malfunction if I attempted to text! And it’s a good thing, because now she thinks she’s the CEO and has refused to take future orders ~ lest I change my mind 🙂 All kidding aside, I truly appreciated this post. It speaks to a global dis-ease: fear of intimacy of any kind; fear of seeing our reflection in the eyes of another … ♥

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