Racing The Sun: A Short Novel

Racing the Sun Advance BannerLeila and her friends are back with more adventures in Racing The Sun, a sequel to Miami Morning. Leila works on her new group, OccupyAbility, bringing together people of varying abilities. She meets Doug, a paraplegic, who wants to build better wheelchairs. 

Her relationship with Mark evolves, and she discovers both her father and mother have secret lives. Raoul, Leila’s former student who is hearing impaired, is back, along with the quixotic Maria, driven Estrella, and shapeshifter Skye. And so is Mrs. Grisjun, the combative guidance counselor, who thrives in a post-truth world. Then there’s lunch with her oldest friend, Caroline, who always speaks her mind. 

Told from multiple points of view, Dov Lindahl and Cran Birdsall also contribute their stories. Dov goes to Cuba in search of his new love, Nìco, the hunky bird guide. Cran, the father of Leila’s friend Charles, and husband of the erstwhile Berry, loves his vintage cars. But after a terrible racing accident, his life takes a different course.

Leila returns to South Africa to visit her mentor, Baruti, and Anna Larssen, director of a ground-breaking group working with people with disabilities.

Will she at long last see the flamingos? And when will Leila–inspired by Doug’s experience—first discover she is racing the sun?


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