A Visit to Monticello: Two Poems


Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Monticello’s Dome

Was it 200, or 400,
or 600 unsung voices
I heard singing
in the bell
of Monticello’s dome?

Why is it closed off?
Why is everything so orchestrated
As if Jefferson felt he could direct
The course of nations
More easily than his legacy
Like a pair of doors that close
Together in accord by his hand

6 thoughts on “A Visit to Monticello: Two Poems

  1. Intriguing writing, Mary. About an intriguing man and place.
    A great leader in some respects, and a renaissance man. Yet Jefferson had slaves and two families – one black and one white. He didn’t claim his African-American family, as far as I know; they had to undergo DNA tests generations later to prove their ancestry, only to have the white part of the family deny them. it’s so hard to look back on history sometimes.


    • I think he freed the 5 or so members of his black family in his will. The rest were probably sold as was his estate after his death due to his large debt. He was a fascinating person, with great intellect and vision and courage, but definitely caught up in the warped ideas about owning other humans of his time.

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