New Release! Miami Morning

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Miami Morning, contemporary literary fiction, by Mary Clark, All Things That Matter Press

Forty-something Leila Payson loves her job as a high school social sciences teacher, adventures with a diverse group of friends, and her volunteer work. But when she discovers one of her students is going deaf, she finds herself on a learning curve of her own. At an earlier time in her life, she spent a year teaching in South Africa, where she met an occupational therapist and others working in creative ways with people with disabilities. Now years later, when the students asks for her help, she embarks on a pivotal journey that calls on everything she’s learned.

And while she juggles work, family, and her friends’ adventures, an attractive man keeps appearing at her favorite places. 

There’s magic in Miami, and Leila Payson is reveling in it. Come along for the ride as she meets her challenges with courage, a dash of philosophy, and a splash of humor, too. 

Amazon Paperback and Kindle       BarnesandNoble Paperback and Nook.


6 thoughts on “New Release! Miami Morning

  1. Reblogged this on bardessdmdenton – author- artist and commented:
    Fellow All Things That Matter Press author Mary Clark contemporary literary fiction Miami Morning has just been released! It is currently available in paperback on amazon and will very soon be on Kindle and Nook. I had the privilege of reading this excellent novel pre-publication and invite you to read my review. Here’s a sample and a link to read it in its entirety.
    5 Stars: A Beautifully Written Journey of Growth and Faith
    As I read deeper into Mary Clark’s new novel, Leila: Miami Morning, I began to have the sense of following a pilgrimage, a journey of growth and faith. Out of the “levels to her life” as a teacher, community activist and friend, Leila emerges smart, cultured, amiable, supportive, and sometimes self-depreciating, a forty-something woman who engages her senses as she perceives her surroundings like an artist and doesn’t shy away from challenges. She has a need for place and purpose, whether she is in Miami teaching Social Studies, helping to beautify and maintain a playground, and making sure a bright student losing his hearing doesn’t fall by the wayside; or on a year’s sabbatical in South Africa as part of a team setting up clinics in small villages and working to diminish the marginalization of the disabled.

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