A List of My Books

A gathering of my books, each showing off their titles, and links to the best ways to grab hold of ’em.

Children of Light, an epic COLCover BardPress2 (97x150)poem or “poetry novel” (don’t be daunted, it’s easy to read), published by BardPress/TenPennyPlayers, available only online for free read, printing or download.


TALLYFRONTTally: An Intuitive Life, published by the good people at All Things That Matter Press, 2013, a quirky story of an eccentric elderly man, ever-questing for the truth, and renewal of innocence. This memoir is available on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.


covernantmc (4) (104x150)Covenant, a Kindle Direct ebook. Civil rights, rock’n’roll, and a changing society are the background for this tale of three kids growing up in 1960s Florida.


cropped-miamibeach3.jpgMy next book, Miami Morning, will be coming from All Things That Matter Press this year. Read more.

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