Hell’s Kitchen: Slices of Life – The Book

Hell’s Kitchen: Slices of Life, edited by Mary Clark, is a collection of stories, poems, and art from the West Side Manhattan neighborhood. Fiction writers: Darryl Croxton (When Eagles Scream & Roses Bleed), Mary Clark (Babylon Blues, Deaf Joe, Minnie & The Crowd), Chris Brandon (The Kitchman), and Forrest S. Clark (The Broadway Cat). Non-Fiction writers: Carrie Amestoy (The Color of Difference), George Spiegler (The Capeman Murders), and Clayton Brooks (10th Avenue). Poets: Chocolate Waters, Shannon Mullen, Jameson Currier, R. D. Thomas, Raymond St.-Pierre, Marc A. Thomas, Bernie Steinman, John Newsome, Forrest S. Clark, and David P. Duckworth. Artists: Raul Manzano, Cyn McLean, Forrest S. Clark, and Philip Levine.

The orginal paperback edition (now collectible) published in 1999 is available at Barnes & Noble: Hell’s Kitchen: Slices of Life

A second, revised edition, created in 2011, is available for free download – click here – or at Lulu.com in print form at a modest cost – click here


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